I know I have been very quiet over the past two months but I have been very busy working a new project, here it is

Please visit the website for the full experience to understand some of the cultural references made throughout. I have been creating a digital story. It is available for you to participate in at where I have been world creating and it has been leading to one specific incident that has been revealed above.

It is something completely new for me… a piece of performance art that breaks many taboos and boundaries set in creative writing rules.

Jerry’s Journal can be found here: Jerry’s Journal

Don’t forget to stop by Jerrymanders and take a wander around my creation to prepare for the ‘Incident.’

I will take a week off before getting back to writing ‘The Alternatives.’


Chapter 1 – Pony  is NOW live. As to is chapter 2 – The Slice n Dice Room.

You can read my pitch by clicking this link.

Why not take a look around Jerry’s world.


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