A digital story

The week’s lecture and readings have shown me that what I am doing is experimental, for me. A digital story for others might be a snap and I am having fun with the digital story being the foreground to what the actual story becomes. As yet, each actor has only been introduced and a look into their psyche has been provided, but it has not yet begun to tell the story I intend.

Every now and then my stomach lurches at the thought of the gravity of my project/artefact reassuring me that I have undertaken something completely new. I am out of my comfort zone. A section of the artefact that I was having trouble with, I turned into a Cut Up (CutnMix 2011).

The use of metaphor and imagery in Sarah Kay’s, ‘If I should have a daughter’ (Kay 2011), is smooth and flowing in its telling and Williams use of freehand has provided me with further idea’s to experiment with Jerry (Williams 1962). I don’t know how to write a different language, but I can be pretty proficient with broken English and revealing an accent of Scottish in writing. I have used both recently:

“’Be own one, moobie,’ Pony slobbered, ‘Horsey be own one, moobie.’ (Eastland 2017)”


“‘Ya fools for protectin tha monster, she’ll eat ya, don’t think she won’t. Best be lettin me finish her off now, an we can all go home.’ (Eastland 2017)”

Jerry has his own distinct dialect and I can use that dialect to further his character.



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