My memoir is not about the darkness, the oppression, it’s about using those events to share with you the humorous, and the darkness.

My Writerly Self

For a long time I hated myself, I was even made to hate my name, EastlandElizabeth is my middle name, and I disliked it probably more than my last name. It’s taken me forty-five-years, plus, to embrace, even feel proud, of my name.

I had allowed a distorted idea of myself, gifted to me by haters, to oppress, even control me. I was named after Karen Carpenter by my dad, Queen Elizabeth by his then wife, then dad topped it all off with a surname I now truly treasure, Eastland. The profile image I created, with the warped crown sliding off my head, is a visual reminder of what was, and to who I am now, as I embrace my true self moving into my future.

I am an innately creative being, whose talents were quashed at every turn, until the past seventeen-years that is. During that time I came to love education, and through that process, found just how creative I was. I am dark, I push the envelope and funnel my past into the hideous beast who’d held me captive for so long, and make it pay through my stories.