About Me

Words are magical, but they can be more thrilling and communicative when written down and added more creativity. I know how to use the power of the pen, sounds confusing, right? Here it is; I’m a versatile – a writer, blogger, puppeteer, and can present as well as act with a wealth of experience. Yes! Over 20 years of doing the writing thing, especially Prose and Poetry.

Well, call it something more than just a talent, but I manifest what I’m made of whenever it comes to creating books, voice puppetry, and automation. Thinking about my videos? Wham! I’ve got some videos on my YouTube account, and you’re assured of enjoying every scene of my videos. Of course, I look real good in my videos, and you wouldn’t agree any less when you watch them.

In a bid to expand and strengthen my creativity, I enrolled for a master’s course, and I got to groom my creativity in crafting engaging stories with macabre flare. Guess what? I’ve taken my creativity up a notch, and you’re sure being wowed at every bit of it.

My latest creation is a digital story, that can be found here. (It is not suitable for children)

So you think I’m just all about writing? Get this; my patrons are sure of getting top notch creativity beyond writing. If you had watched my introduction video, you can’t argue with this.

It feels good that you’re on my Patron page, as I cannot go any further without you. Patronize me today and let me meet top editors, get high-end software and hardware to make me up my writing and automation works.

With your support, I can turn my passion into full time work and deliver creativity at its peak. I’m happy to be a member of Patreon, and I hope to achieve my dreams with your patronage. When I look at Patreon, existing and potential Patrons, I only see a brighter future with awesome creativity. Patronize me today, and help build a dream.