About Me

My name’s Karen Eastland. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, I now live in Tasmania. I have a BA in Culture and Ancient History (2017), and an MLitt (2019).

I have many and varied projects, some still in the making but available for you to participate with. I have started today, 11th January, 2020, a live journal at My Writerly Self.

I wrote and created an experimental movie, with found footage, in 2017, titled Jerrymanders. You can watch it by clicking this link:  Jerrymanders. Released as the first of a series of dark, sometimes fun, neo-noir urban fantasies, with Greek mythology used, and subverted, to fit with my agenda. You can read about the Greek gods and monsters, imaginary creatures and so forth at thealticverse.com.

The is first two trilogies of Josephine Marlin, are set in the Jerrymanders universe, and are part of a much larger story which will culminate with The Fields of Elysian trilogy.

For my latest updates, and to read some of my short stories, visit my portfolio website: kareneastland.id.au or follow my adventures on Facebook: @AuthorKarenEastland and LinkedIn.

If your excited about the worlds I am creating, you can sign up to my newsletter. I’m also on Twitter but not often.