Abuse, the Panoptic Gazing and Gender Roles

I am both sympathetic to male and female, as I have witnessed abuses on and by both. It is correct to state that; most women and men are trapped by roles,’ and media plays a large part in compelling certain gender typings. Some though, are able to disconnect from the ‘games’ and maintain an observable perception whilst projecting the percept of interaction. This ability however, most times is not a natural born gift, most times it is painfully learned.

Slutfest 2011 US
Slutfest 2011 US
What I mean is this; some people live quite happily without playing the roles expected of them by many sources, and live the perfect ‘hermit’ lifestyle. The word, and practice of hermit-hood, like the word and practice of ‘anarchy,’ have had bad connotations attached to them, generally through media outlets and some small, but controlling groups. There is nothing wrong with choosing how ‘I,’ or ‘you’ desire to live, we are simply made to feel that it is wrong.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usw6yNeOJoY[/youtube] How is an entire population controlled to such an extent, to a point where, as Foucault discusses, we police ourselves through the ‘panoptic gaze.’
Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, social theorist, philologist and literary critic
Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, social theorist, philologist and literary critic
Bentham’s Panopticon blueprints

Bentham’s Panopticon blueprints

Bentham’s model prison consists of a central watching post that is able to watch all prison cells at the same time. Eventually the prisoners begin to police themselves because they have been trained to fear the small watch booth at the central point within the prison. Many office situations are based on Bentham’s prison model. Most people even police themselves in their own home. The next time you whisper something to your partner in your home and there is no-one else there, remember that you have just policed yourself. If you make people aware that it is possible that they are always being watched, people will behave as if they are constantly in-front of a camera.

Presidio Modelo prison in Cuba (interior)
  This Panopticism has evolved throughout human history, yet during the 20th century the rapidity of its effect gained more power through the adventives of media. Our learned behaviours across time embedded in our histories, were reinforced when we allowed, in the form of ‘entertainment,’ dictatorialness into our homes and our psyche’s, with submissive obedience to that entertainment.

The first time I played a computer game; car racing, ‘smash em up and knock em out,’ good fun. After a few days of additively playing, I went to the local shops in my car. As I was driving, I had this sudden urge to ram the car in front because I felt that it was going to slow. I was beginning to act out the game. It was becoming hard to differentiate between the game and reality.

It took a lot of control of self, to shake off the control of the media.
This type of effect may not happen to every one, but more and more our lives are becoming virtual and very quickly we, or more importantly, our children may begin to act out their virtual lives in the street due to an inability to distinguish between which world is the virtual. This is a scary prospect because the world of violence against each other that we actually live in, is being supported and strengthened through media; games, news, movies, music clips and lyrics, newspapers etc…, yet what makes it scarier, is that without human beings enacting such violence against ourselves, there would be no ‘frame of reference’ for media outlets to compound.

The more I think about the topic of abuse, and the prospect of the creation of ‘Words in Me’ in a short period of time, reveals sadly, so much material to work with.



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