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I’m originally from Perth, Western Australia, now living happily in Tasmania with what many refer to now as, many ‘Fur babies.’ They were more affectionately known as ‘Take that back,’ or ‘put that outside,’ when I was a girl. Oh well, times change… for the better.

The video I have just finished making, has been uploaded to Youtube. It is my latest work and can be watched in HD at Jerrymanders

Jerrymanders has been entered into the Madeira film festival  this year (2018).

This is my Official Website.
I have just completed my second, 1st year level of my masters. You can experience my artefact for yourself by following this link.

I’m just finishing a complete second draft of the Alternatives. Then I’ll take a week off before undertaking complete edit. If my Pozible campaign takes off, I will then send it off to a professional editor before publishing.

This is the Website for The Alternatives. 
The series website is The Fields of Elysian.

The Alternatives is the first book in a ten book series.

Remember when you read The Alternatives, to watch out for a WTF moment. Keep it locked away in your memory for when the second book in the series is released next year around the same time.

The Alternatives is an introduction book to the world, and creatures, I am creating for The Fields of Elysian.

When I get time, the Gothic Guild will be reconstituted.

My sometimes, almost every other week, daily journal can be found here: My Writerly Self :)

For my latest updates and to read some of my short stories, you can follow my adventures on Facebook: @AuthorKarenEastland and sometimes on Twitter


Karen Eastland

Life Tales of the Feminine – Print

Life Tales of the Feminine – Print

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Genre: Poetry

Reaching out into the void I feel the soft caress of lips brush across my fingers, and I shiver.
A power courses through my being radiating a glow to my very core, taking me through the night. Such a wonderment of dream as the freshness of the rising sun filters through the air.
Sleepy buds bloom their scent drifting upon the morning rays Wrapped in the warmth of love.
I smile as I my eyes meet the beauty that is you

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