That beautiful old Oak Tree

When I woke this morning I didn’t realise that I would be spending the day dreamily lazing beneath the biggest Oak tree I ever did see nor did I expect that from that lovely piece of shade there would be an Internet connection I must say I was pleased.

We stopped and bought lunch at a little Deli over on Main street, you know the one that winds around the bend ever so slightly as its hedge and rose covered verge hides the dilapidated footpath that some council member should really see too I mean anyone could trip on and to hide it with such a beautiful bouquet, well it would likely be entrapment should I fall as I stroll lazily past not looking where I trod because the sky is so blue with it white fluffiness dancing on winds too high for me to feel but I do see it as it catches that one particular cloud and makes it move faster than the rotation of the earth itself, you know the one.

So I made it past the pavement trap and round the brushes and rose beds with my succulent loaf of sour dough bread with freshly shaved of the bone ham and cheese slices thinking that everything was just alright with the world I mean how could it not be when life was simply floating by on soft breezes from that cloud wind as it dipped down and touched the tips of several bushes as I made it back to the car load bearing with computers and inverters batteries and cords yes we were in for one hell of a picnic.

I placed the bag of goodies down on a slice of rear seat not covered in computers and computer equipment and not damp from the last water run then sat back in the driver’s seat readying to make our way to that wonderful Oak tree that comes with WiFi when questions began about things that I had no idea about because I wasn’t sure where the pickle was that I did not buy nor the butter that failed to leap into my basket as I travelled along a short aisle leading to cakes I’m not a mind reader as some might think and rarely do I myself use condiments and spreads to lace my bread.

Isn’t that what cheese slices are for I found myself asking the odd stare in my direction but to no avail the stare was not going to give up that easily as it began a wide eyed approach to a conversation about things I knew nothing about nor could I change liking it or lumping it only transformed the wide eyed approach to a two eyed squint as I started the car and the journey to the grand old Oak tree with the WiFi even though I could feel that steely gaze watching my every move when I found myself thinking at least that gaze was not watching the road and offering up wise advice on how to stay in my own lane and which rocks I could and couldn’t run over with those brand new tyres only a month old before enquiring with a deeper squint if I actually saw that pyramid shaped sharp rock sticking up so proudly from the ground and decided to drive over it with my new left front tyre or did I even see it all and if I say I saw it I admit that I am watching the road and deliberately ran that new tyre over it and saying that I did not see it ensures that my intended lazy rest under that wonderfully beautiful Oak tree would be filled with talk and not key strokes as I intend.

As the car rounded the last bend nearing the Tree I had so wantingly desired to lie beneath I could feel the gaze lift and began to hear the rattle of computer cords and water bottles from the back seat and as I pulled up as close to that marvellous Tree as I could silence fell until only a rustle of plastic and paper drowned out the ferocious tap tap tapping on several computers at once with only the occasional swipe and request for a mouth wipe.

Yes that huge old Oak tree was everything I thought it would be and maybe next time Zeus will rain in YES THAT WAS A DELIBERATE USE OF THE WORD RAIN INSTEAD OF REIN THERE the sudden flash storms so I will be able to get out of the car next time.

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