What Am I?

It has been brought to my attention, that the deceptions I include in my ‘What Am I?’ descriptions, are too deceptive.

The words used were; ‘too cryptic’.

What I do with the ‘What Am I’s?’ – at the moment- is take an inanimate object – like last weeks Teddy Bear – and draw in aspects of the real life creature to create confusion in the mind of those who like to take the time to try and decipher something very cryptic.

If you like the ‘What Am I’s?’, but agree that they are too deceptive, I would be interested to know your thoughts.

I am nothing if not pliable and I can make adjustments to the descriptions.


Below is my first ‘What Am I?’
Guess what this description is about…

Her smile is all encompassing. Her eyes are large and blue. They are smiling eyes. The corners of her sweet red lips are raised just enough to reveal a hint of joy. Adorned with bright floral inlays of yellows and golds, her well worn black, shroud like scarf wraps around her golden hair to hang limply across one shoulder. Her fine black dress covers the fullness her ample hips, revealing a slight twist at her waste. Her entire aura speaks of a great secret…

Can you guess what I am describing?

In understanding what I am describing, you reveal to yourself, her secret.

On Saturday I will put up the image up of what it is I am describing here…


I am a Nested Russian Doll