What am I?

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I whistle and hum, glide and sway,

I sing along currents night and day.

My trailing etches are rarely seen,

yet they are travelled by many through spans and ‘tweens.


My strengths are secrets and always surprise,

how quickly I grow before amazed eyes.

I can shift large boulders, make dance the slightest plumes,

My magic is grace, and my presence, it looms.

I use my strange power to caress and toy,

from the smallest of creatures to manoeuvre and enjoy,

to the grandest of creation, I unmake and destroy.


I can touch you and wrap you, and breathe with soft breath,

but your eye cannot see me,

your touch cannot harm me,

and your efforts to control me,

will leave you bereft.


What Am I


The answer to this week’s ‘What Am I’ is: I am the Wind

Feathers in the Wind – Wendy Manzo