Building an Empire – Romes Masters

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

Rome were masters, there is no doubt about that. Their ingenuity and blood thirst make up the architectural mortar throughout the region. Pompey was a likable fellow and I enjoyed reading about him. The Temple Theater, as Pompey liked to call it, in another of his tricky encapsulations, embodies all that is Roman. It just appears that Pompey had the gaul (pardon the pun), to boldly proclaim himself messianic, without actually saying the words. Most grand orchestrations created across Rome’s colonised empire enfold political, combatant, humoristic, blood styles, amongst others, as these endowments were that which Rome was.


Author, Welch concludes that many architectural styles are distinctly Roman decorative, Wall paintings, Atrium’s, columns etc… but I would say that his depictions are a little flawed in that Rome assimilated: spoils of War, borrowed stylisations from other ‘cultures’ (I say cultures in a manner of the arts and Architecture here) and displayed stolen Art works etc that were not theirs, but assimilated into their cultural makeup and became theirs, as most spoils of war eventually do. The most aesthetic artistic pieces that come to mind would be ‘the back part of Rome’s aristocratic atrium houses.’



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