Josephine Marlin: Origins is on track

Finishing touches are being made, the major, but not final, editing has been completed and Origins goes off to beta readers by the end of this week.

I’m still on track for publication.

Snippet for today:

“This time Eros went the whole hog. He chose an Irish vessel, lived in Ireland for over thirty of his two-hundred years, and he’s the god of love, we all know what they’re like!
When he showed up, he brought Erin’s grandmother, Erin, with him as a gift, like a bunch of flowers after a fight.”

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To prepare for Josephine Marlin: Origins

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#JosephineMarlin #Origins edit snippet

Todays peek-a-boo edit update. The gods have arrived and its given many a bad hair day. Athêna appeared to take it in her stride though.

Coming Soon
#JosephineMarlin #Origins edit snippet
“‘Oo, Orgies,’ Athêna said as she switched the television back on. ‘I’ve not had a good orgy since the early days—’
I looked at her and she was transfixed and still had that smile.
‘A couple are coming from the other worlds,’ Athêna said and switched the television off. I guessed it must have shifted from orgies to tsunamis, ‘but I think the worst of it is over. It’s always the aftermath—’
‘—Will this happen for the creation ritual, when I give birth, and when the mantle is being passed?’ I asked Eros.”
You can get Book One: A Friend in Need here
I’ll be moving on to book two in the days after Origins has been released.