Ancient Greek Gods You Haven’t Heard Of

These are some of the gods and goddesses you can expect to read about in the Origin’s story.

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Origin’s Update

Hi everyone,

I’ve been busy here writing away. The weekly serial is doing really well. It’s made me think about the stories to come, and has helped to shape the stories in the Josephine Marlin: Origin’s book.

1st idea for Origin’s cover

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I spent two days going through Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives manuscript of book one, A Friend in Need, cleaned up any editing problems, and all is good.

I am more than 3/4 the way through the Origins book, and I’m really pleased with how the story is unfolding. Writing the rituals based around Greek mythology has been fun and putting my characters through hell and embarrassment, has added to my fun.

Writing in a genre where magic gives you the ability to do just about anything is exciting, and I hope I relate that excitement to you through my words.