Jerry’s narrator voice

I had almost forgotten that my artefact, Jerrymander, had an omniscient narrator because the multiple first person POVs had side tracked my thoughts. Jerry, the character, has two interior monologues, direct and indirect. I do not fear the blank page as many do, and I never look for reasons not to write, in fact I spend a lot of time looking for time to just sit and write stories. I have however felt a little apprehension at removing punctuation, as I intend to replicate some techniques by William Faulkner, even though much of my recent poetry is postmodern and I experiment with format all the time, yet deliberately omitting these things is daunting.

Having decided upon a digital format to compliment the written for my artefact has opened up many possibilities for the story to evolve. Yet, because I have chosen to take Jerrymander down a postmodern narrative, metafiction or reflexive fiction, using cutting edge techniques within a multi site blog, experimenting with many different formats,there are problems. There’s difficulty in finding a publisher that is publishing art using most of the formats in the one project. Rather than film or audio, my artefact includes video, audio, text, blog and image formats.



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Repository of writing

Graeme Harper suggests that to know your audience, we as authors should “spend time in bookstores and online to see what readers are reading” (Harper 2013, p. 59). As a fulltime blogger and author I have found this to be true in practice and in theory. Prior to beginning my Masters I was a multi blog author and my statistics were modest. Since starting my Masters, my Official blog’s daily statistics have altered from 7-9 visitors a day, with 18 visits to between 300 and 400 visitors a day with 1000 to 1300 visits daily(Eastland 2017). Jerrrymanders (Jerrymanders 2017) multi blog project is receiving between 22 visitors and 80 visits without any promotion through social media (Eastland 2017). Prior to 2017, I ran a political blog where I composed over 800 articles, some 2000 words in length, over a 3-yr period, that too rated highly as the content remained fresh, new and relevant to its intended audience. This validates Leach’s, “repository of writing” (Leach 2013, p. 223) idea. The use of hypertext and netiquette (Shea, V 2017) are essential to bring an all round experience to the creator and consumer (Anae 2017).

I undertook a small study before deciding on how best to portray the Jazzman of Jerrymanders (Jerrymanders 2017, Jazzman). I found an extremely large FaceBook group consisting as of 123,504 people. Of this group, Jerrymanders pulls in approximately 1% (PHAW 2017). It is not a very pleasant site, but as a blogger seeking an audience for a not so very pleasant character, the Jazzman fits well.




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