How To Setup Your Email List And Signup Form On Your Author Website

Joanna Penn show you how to set up your email list and signup form on your website so you can start to build a list of readers, develop a relationship with them over time, and sell more books!
You can watch the tutorial, read the notes and get the cheatsheet here.

In the video I go through:
– Why do you need an email list anyway? [01:17 mins]
– Why I recommend ConvertKit for your email provider [07:09 mins on video]
Check it out at:
– How to setup an account on ConvertKit [09:33 mins]
– Set up a signup Form for your website [12:35 mins]
– Using the Landing Page option on ConvertKit [24:03 mins]
– How to Broadcast to your email list for a book launch or monthly newsletter [29:48 mins]

Remember: You can sign up for the cheatsheet here.

Next step: Supercharge your email list signups with this free webinar.

I did a free webinar with Nick Stephenson on the Three-Step Process to Automate your Author Marketing and Find your First 10,000 Readers. You can find it here.

[Please note: The links in the text and the video are affiliate links, which means Joanna Penn receive a small percentage of the sale but at no extra cost to you. I hope you find the video tutorial useful enough that you will consider using my links so I can continue to provide free information. Thank you!]

The Craft of Writing Effectively


Do you worry about the effectiveness of your writing style?

As emerging scholars, perfecting the craft of writing is an essential component of developing as graduate students, and yet resources for honing these skills are largely under utilized. Larry McEnerney, Director of the University of Chicago’s Writing Program, led this session in an effort to communicate helpful rules, skills, and resources that are available to graduate students interested in further developing their writing style.

Sit back and enjoy!