15 Beat Plot Structure | Plotting Basics

By ShaelinWrites

A template for this structure including a chart format for using as an outlining guide and suggested word count marks for an 80 000 novel to give an idea of how the beats are paced is available on my website under the ‘writing resources’ section.

I DID NOT create this plot structure, it was created by Blake Snyder. It is intended for screenwriting, but can be applied to novels too!

Keep in mind when using this plot structure that it can be applied in a less formulaic matter than it seems. Try to look at the structure in the terms of your specific plot.

A beat could present itself in very different and original ways depending on your story. And of course, if using any sort of plot structure, remember that story comes before structure.

Always prioritize your ideas over a formula someone who knows nothing about your book created!

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