Midnight lights spot empty streets where feet both tread and run some dance in fun watching down upon through eyes glazed double triple over time as it passes by edging lives trimmed and preened expectations crowding worlds truths unseen by steeple roofs and clay born houses with eyes bleak seeping through single panes to enframe life as it is sold and told through technologies focus audiovisual tokens aspects of a world enclosed tamed unavowed kept bidden sways of leafy trees collapsing shadows and in-betweens as urban decay sheds life’s skin to openly display those held within a grasp manufactured to do as its bid and all for the focus of a world in decline one that was yours one that was mine as galloping flames technologically created to wipe out our source to wipe out creation to the detriment of the self.



Fire, white, yellow, red

Flaming hair spread along

The startling beams shot

From roof to wall

To bed.


Flaming city blocks on

Fire doused, fanned, across cloudy

Skies ignites tinder

Atop tall trees windows

Explode implode flames dance



Shattered glass melted

Tar sunken rubber soled

Tyres tread, spark and coal

Choke on black smoke smouldering

Through spongy internals



One hundred foot spires

Signalling an end

To life.