Discovery and Pantser

Discovery and Pantsers writer’s.

This a quick video where I talk about the differences between a Pantser and Discovery writer.
I am what is called a discovery writer. I’m not a pantser, pantser is term used to imply that someone is doing something and only achieving it by the seat of their pants.

A discovery writer can sit in front of a blank word document and write.

That is what I am. When I write, I can see around the corners ahead and due to the excitement of the discovery, I find that I have written some pretty good stuff that I am able to build on.

That first discovery document become what Plotters would refer to as Plotting. However, even on my second run through, filling out description, giving dialogue attribution etc, I am still on an adventure discovering with each word where the story is going.

Picture a skeleton. In my head the skeleton always resides. My first discovery trip begins to add sinew, flowing veins and a pumping heart. My next discovery adventure begins to add flesh, nails, hair and so on. Each discovery is an adventure that only finishes where it finishes, not before and not after.