The hook in your book

Today I talk about the opening sentence of the first chapter in your book. It’s an extremely important sentence, as too is the entire paragraph. That sentence, that paragraph means that and editor or reader will be hooked and want to read more.

I have re-written my first paragraph so many times already and until publication day, I will be working hard on that very first hook.
So take your time. Finish your book, your edits etc.. then go back to your opening paragraph and think to yourself ‘If I was buying this book, would that first sentence of the very first paragraph hook me.

Will it make me want to read more?

Show versus Tell

Today I have found that in some places I tell more than show the reader what is happening. Luckily I know  where the story is going and how the story ends. I am so wrapped up in the story that because it is composed from a first person POV, I am already in that role and I can feel, taste, smell and hear what my protagonist Josephine would experience. Thereby changing the telling to showing.