2020 Have a Great New Year

Hello everyone,

I’ve been writing, I promise. The Book of Matthew is something new and not for everyone. It’s a neo-noir, dark urban fantasy novella, my dissertation artefact, and I’ve been editing and filling out description and sense perceptions for the reader.

I’ve also been editing/writing a novella which will become the first book of the Josephine Marlin, Fields of Elysian series, but I will not be releasing any JM until all 7 novels have been completed.. this year (It’s not a hard ask, five books are in different states of editing, but they’re complete).

The BOM will be released very soon and will fill in the story surrounding The Gothic Guild Interview process gothicguild.org and the Jerrymanders story. I can tell you, like the two stories converging, JM will also be set in that universe and there will be a reckoning-another novella I’ll have at the ready-for mass release in 2021. I will take one day a week and continue to update the gothicguild.org and the Reachville Community News Online at jerrymanders.com/reachville … in the new year.

Have a great new year everyone.


What is a Swan Song?

A swan song is based on the ancient Greek belief that ‘the swan was silent through its life, only to burst into song immediately before death’ (Australian Writers Centre 2017). As a dramatic element, a Swan Song is usually accompanied by a monologue espoused by an actor who is about to die. It can be morose or comedic depending on the play. It is intended as a ‘dramatic sketch or étude for a popular actor’ (Chekhov 2012, p. 13).
Chekhov also discusses the swan song in much the same way in relation to the conditions of the Russian theatre, he notes that swan songs are about ‘facing the realities of life and death’ (2012, p. 13).

The Transference Ritual is (a character in Origins) swan song. She gives up everything, even her life and although the book is a book of rituals, it has been composed as a letter (epistolary) to her daughter (Mazzeo 2012, p. 72), to ensure the scenes lead to her three deaths. The first death transforms her understanding of the worlds and her place in it, the second death is knowledge, to prepare the vessel for universes gifts of power and abilities unmatched in three universes, and the third death is deconstructs each atom, each cell of her flesh to make the Bearer impervious to the possibility of a final death.

This book will be made available for free once the first two trilogies have been completed.