Spotting Inciting Events and Key Events

Creative writing, stories from the heart to what a lark. Spotting the inciting incident either occurs naturally, or with a lot of blood sweat and tears. Either way, the author/artist works hard to reveal–what they within themselves have to share–to entertain you. You personally.

Every story is related to each reader in a different way, not because the author/artist sat and wrote 8, or so, billion copies of the same story, but because the reader brings to each story their lived experiences, a moment in their life and how it impacted on their interpretation of the story.

The story is fantastic, but the reader makes it one in a billion.

For those who’ve waited

For those of you who have been following the interview process at The Gothic Guild, I wanted to reveal that it is part of a larger project, the two websites are one, larger, dark story. Talking about a larger darker story, soon I will release a story which ties everything together.

I had to rewire my brain to complete the academic research side of the story, and getting back into the creative will take a few weeks.

To understand the twist, go to The Gothic Guild or The Reachville Community News Online (each relates a story which ties in with the other) and start at the very first article.

More will be coming soon