My head will explode

Raining down laughter from ceiling to floor, my head will explode if I have to see anymore.

Rivers of laughter flow through the land, my head will explode unless I take it by the hand.

Moments of laughter skip to and fro, touch each life along different roads and unless it all stops, my head will explode.

Gales of laughter wind through the trees, affected all birdlife, flowers and leaves  but where will it stop, no-body knows but unless it is halted my head will explode.

Fits of laughter roll and they sway, tickling each moment all night and all day, but I need it to stop, because heaven knows, if that laughter don’t stop, my head will explode.

PG13 – Fucknuts and fuckwits, wankers and moles

I fuck it everytime. Never do I get it right. ‘Smile, be nice’ I am told, over and over again when all I want is to be me. Why the fuck can’t they leave me be. There’s nothing I do that will ever please. So I say fuck the lot of them, and say it twice, will I be me, will I be my heart of ice. Racing through time I’ve seen it all, fucknuts and fuckwits, wankers and moles. Comeuppance is mine to share as I grow, they might have forgotten me, but I’ll always know, that they’re fuckers and twats waiting on me to pass on their judgments, just wait and see.