End of Day Edit Write Up

Good afternoon all,

I’ve worked on chapter one for about a week and changed the 800 word chapter into three 1200-1800 chapters. I wanted to give the male protagonist a background, that I allude to throughout the novel, but wasn’t quite selling.

Today I worked through those three chapters again and three more. That entailed dialogue, and keeping it real. This has helped to develop the deuteragonist’s character too. Their interactions feel more real than before.

I’ve shifted parts pf the story from mechanical descriptions like;

‘I wore a black jacket, white shirt etc…’


‘others in this realm wear… and now so do I…’

The story is still very much urban fantasy. It’s dark, the language is real, and the characters have grown.

I think overall, this new story will surprise you. I’ve enjoyed writing and developing it so much, I may write something similar in the years to come, but first, fifteen more chapters to edit.



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