First person POV of the peripheral narrator

I have examined the first person POV of the peripheral narrator (PN-POV).  The PN-POV is told by either a minor or a major character, which is able to reveal a clearer or different perspective on the scene (Literature Glossary: First-person Narration 2017). A PN-POV is closely aligned with a third person limited POV (3PL-POV). A 3PL-POV is up close and personal, and provides details about that character’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. This narrator ensures that readers have a way of understanding the viewpoints of other characters (Anae 2017).

I have practiced the use of these POVs in short story forms throughout the week, and although I am still a little rough around the edges, have found these POVs quite easy to use. How they will work with my artefact, remains to be seen. I have found that the writing exercises are developing my writing style. Where once I was primarily a second Person POV poet, I have found that I quite relish the art of the short story.

I have been left this week with questions swimming around in my head concerning the story, ‘What goes around comes around’ (Eastland 2017). Questions such as: How did it get to this point? What happened? Where is it going?

Each week my understanding of POV is clarifying, and the formation of my artefact is growing. I find that I am mentally developing the book/chapter everyday.

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