Hope has a heart

As the world watches on in horror at the devastation unfolding in the US and Mexico, the loss of life, home, family, there is one thing that is being found that many had begun to believe had been lost long ago, and that is community.

People from all over the country are loading up their boats and trucks with fresh water, non perishable food, and medical supplies. They have carved a path across America to bring much needed aid to those who have fallen foul to nature’s furies. Their actions have brought hope to those who had none, water to those in need, medical supplies to those injured, and food for victims and rescuers alike.

It is both heart-warming and devastating to watch, to experience. It brings to the surface a wave of emotions. Those people who have been moved by the plight of those caught up in the weathers destructive path, and the Earths grumblings have given hope to many more, for much more, than the people they have mobilised to assist.

It is this type of mobilising force, brought on by the people to help one another, that has provided hope for all of us.

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