I’m back, I’m well and I’m working

Hello all 🙂 I’ve begun my final year of my Masters and it’s a work in progress you are able to follow if you would like. Only the creative part of the dissertation is viewable, the exegesis is not, but I am researching the genre Magic Realism.

The information I’ve been reading is about its origins and has been excellent. I won’t get to any of the Josephine Marlin novels until the end of this year into next, but once I’ve completed my masters I’ll take time off to write.

This is the web address of my creative artefact portion (It’s being revealed slowly). It is a three tier interview process and creative’s are invited to take on the masqueraders in kind, though anything other than my own work will not be included in my dissertation.

http://www.gothicguild.org Hope to see you there.



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