Keeping a journal

I submitted a proposal to write chapter 1 of my book series. I proposed to write from a peripheral narrator and first Person POV. I persevered and followed the templates of Brown’s, ‘Writing for Children’ (2007), and Newberry’s, ‘Writing for Teenagers’ (2007). This did not work with the young adult fantasy story I had proposed.

I took in Dufresne’s, ‘How to write a story’ (2014), but I was so busy trying to make my story fit with what I was learning, that my story looked more like a game of scrabble – without the triple word score – than a well structured piece of work.  I continued with my struggle on POV, and my artefact continued to suffer. I had all the characters attributes written down. I knew exactly where the story was going. I knew what the stories ending was in the last book of the series, but I could not work past the first chapter with the POVs I had chosen.

By week eight I had dialogue that attempted to relay mood and setting, I even had rising action, but no real story. At this point, I saw the end of the unit looming, and after consultation with my supervisor, I changed POV to third Person Omniscient POV. By week nine I had a story, by week ten, I had a complete story with description, dialogue and action. With one week left, I am comfortably filling out description and sense perceptions, before my artefact is submitted in week twelve.

Keeping a journal has assisted me in finding out what has not worked, why it hasn’t worked, and taught me to move on, and to stop ‘shovelling shit’ (King 2000 p. 78), much quicker than I have this time.

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