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Here you will find a few things composed for my Masters course with Queensland University: Master of Letters with Dr Nicole Anae.

The bulk of my stories are listed under the Masters option under the categories drop down menu, or by clicking this link.

This is a description of my writing space that allows my mind to become unhinged and creatively affluent:

My writing space

A deceptive appearance of crafted red wood, betrays the truth of the plastic pendulum clock as it tocks, tocks, and tocks about a month long constant complaint. One of these fine mornings I will take it from the wall and replace the battery that helps the clock make its ticks, as well as its tocks. A clock that is right but twice a day has worked fine for me, however once again I fall to the classification of clock watcher, and define my days by it ticks and its tocks. The ever so subtle lean of my writing desk requires an adjustment to its cardboard chock, to limit its sway as I write, and the old black chair, held together with gaffer tape, cable ties and okey straps belies the comfort that its history provides. With a cat covered couch beckoning to me should I simply fall back into its waiting embrace as each second falls away from the life I spy out beyond the silvery patterned curtains.

Books, ornaments, keepsakes and mail litter the span of my table top. Router, modem, an LCD screen attached the dock which holds my laptop computer, full of amazing technological advancements, that gives me the ability to instantly relate to you, my world. I lean forward and draw back the curtains and at once I am enthralled. Many would think that each day the same window would reveal the same things; the same trees, flowers, and scenery, but not for me. Life is a mystery and just like unwrapping a gift, every morning I draw back my curtains in anticipation, because everyday the unwrapping reveals something different.

This morning I drew back the curtains to take in the magnificent views and outside looking in was a large Stag with wonderfully brown ornate and slightly furry antlers. Further down the treed slopes and rocky winding driveway, that sometimes doubles as a river, stood three Does peering up at him. He did not immediately move away, instead he looked at me with his large brown eyes, as if acknowledging my existence before regally striding away. He moved into a slow gallop and stopped as he reached the Does. They grazed for mere moments and then slowly faded into the Australian bush to rest beneath a Tasmanian Cherry Pine, alongside a water Lily field that becomes a large lake in the winter months.

It was only a week ago that I watched a large Tiger Snake explore my front veranda. He, or she, slithered along the half logged wall, just between the ledge and the shade cloth, slowly and without fear, darting its tongue every few seconds. He had recently been swimming as his scales were shiny black and his stomach was a clean yellow. The snake appeared to have taken the back roads and found itself in some strange world worthy of exploration. The Peacocks dance with the Muscovy’s in the morning and speak with Alby the Rooster and his girls until late afternoon. Rabbits, Possums, Wallabies and Kangaroos’ gather together at dusk and share a meal that I provide, and we all watch the beautiful sun set on another perfect day.

I do not lack any scope for my imagination.