Through the Lens of Culture


Karen Eastland

This paper will evaluate ideas and concepts constructed through the lens of culture. It will focus upon truth, meaning and knowledge as being relative and, why these three concepts are not absolutes. This paper uses the poem ‘Unidentified’[1] composed by the author of this essay, Karen Eastland,[2] to explore these concepts further. It will discuss the many different terminologies used throughout the poem with Foucault’s Theoretical Concern[3] and the Theories of Representation, more specifically the: Reflective or mimetic model of representation,[4] Althusser’s ‘Ideology and the Ideological State Apparatus,’[5] Barthes ‘Structural Analysis of Narratives,’[6] and Giddens “Modernity and Self-Identity’[7] to assist in the analysis of ‘Unidentified.’ A full version of the poem can be found via this link.

‘Truth, meaning and knowledge are not absolutes, but are always constructed through the lens of culture.’

Through the Lens of Culture