One for the money?

Jerrymanders (Eastland, K 2017) is a natural evolution of the Book as we have come to know it. The progression from paper to digital was inevitable, and the technologies that are now available, and those that are in the making, make the Book, a short form digital moment in time for a reader. Stories in digital form have taken on a more serialised process that 21st century people have come to expect as the reduction in concentration for many continues while they reduce their lives to byte sized snippets to fit into 140 characters or less (Twitter, 2017).

The rule book as we once knew it is being rewritten, and although many still follow rules for better writing outcomes (Anae 2017), many more fail to understand even the basic of writing rules, such as punctuation breaking Annie Proulx fifth rule: “Rewrite and edit until you achieve the most felicitous phrase/sentence/paragraph/page/story/chapter”( Proulx 2017). These books appear to be appealing to the masses by some very good voice actors, thereby bypassing editorial processes. New readers are in fact listeners.

As an observer, it is obvious what is happening. As a writer it creates a conflict; why should anyone care about looking for a reputable publisher when millions are making a good living by hiring a voice actor to read their stories for them, making up punctuation as they go along (Amazon 2017)? Many are choosing to mass produce pulp and get paid well for it. I admit I would like to get paid for writing, but I have chosen to write well.


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