How to Write Short Stories That Sell With Alan Baxter

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Alan Baxter is an award-winning author of dark fantasy, horror and sci-fi with 6 novels and over 70 internationally published short stories as well as writing for video games.

He’s British but lives in Australia and he’s also a Kung Fu instructor and British National Champion. The changes in Alan’s writing life since he was last on the podcast and the markers of success for an author. Whether there is a recent increased interest in Dark Fantasy.

On the way Alan’s hybrid author business works. Defining short story, novelette, novella and novel. How Alan is inspired and how he decides whether to use an idea for a short story or a novel. The differences between an award-winning short story and one that doesn’t sell or receive acclaim.

Why Alan writes more short stories than novels. The markets writers can submit short stories to and whether the market for short stories has grown with the rise of ebooks.

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I recorded this for the new year podcast show. It’s audio only but I thought some people might find it useful. I go through where I get the ideas for my novels, trusting emergence and synchronicity, my passion for travel and research, ‘finding’ stories in places, curiosity and paying attention to what you find interesting, keeping notes in journals, Things app and Scrivener, the Foolscap method and more.