Jason and Josephine Series: Episode 1

On Wednesday, a new serial will be sent out to my email subscribers, for their eyes only.

Only when the serial comes to an end, will it then be put into novella ebook form and offered as another freebie to those who purchase Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives: Book One: A Friend in Need.

Watch out for you newsletter on Wednesday. Enjoy the story. I will check Tuesday evening for new sign-ups and add them to the list. I am also looking at setting up an area for those who sign-up after the serial has begun, so they are able to read the first few emails.

Book versus Tablet

At high-noon, it will be book versus tablet.

Just like The Tortoise and the Hare, it will have you guessing from the first verbal attack by the uppity Tablet, feeling smug in its technology. Will its chips, bits and plastic lips, edging its sleek glass face, be enough for this relative new comer to outwit a Book?

Book appears calm and secure in its own existence, taking Tablets technology in its stride, seemingly strolling along side… oooo I believe Book’s, ‘you stop when your battery runs out, I only stop when my reader puts me down, and even then, I am in their head!’ statement.

Hang on a minute… (indistinguishable talking)

Yes, that’s quite right, with the use of the exclamation mark, Book has correctly made a statement of fact. Tablet doesn’t look like it’s taken Books statement too well and appears to be dimming. Will it find an outlet in time?