Neil Gaiman on writing

By The Write Channel with Nicola Monaghan

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This is a slightly random Q&A with Neil Gaiman which explores his thoughts on ideas, writing, publishing and robots. With questions and answers from a number of different interviews, Neil Gaiman talks eloquently and entertainingly on a number of subjects.

He starts by tackling the question all writers hate; where do you get your ideas from? He jokes about this first but then explains why this is, and why this is such a difficult question for writers, before coming up with a very simple answer and making everyone laugh. He then answers couple of questions from slips of paper sent in by fans.

Do you believe in what you write or is it all complete fiction for you? Then a question about whether the fantasy genre might go out of fashion. He talks about publishing then, and how these things work, and answers very honestly about its fashions and trends.

He’s then asked whether robots might take over the world; possibly his most entertaining response 🙂 Finally, Neil talks about the power of ideas and freedom of speech in a moving speech in response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France. Throughout the video, Gaiman is funny, frank and to the point. Don’t miss his writerly wisdom!

Writing Advice from Neil Gaiman

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One of the central tools of literature is using the “lie” of a made-up story to tell a human truth. Neil shows you how to make your story’s world—no matter how outlandish—feel real to readers. Learn more about Neil Gaiman’s Master Class.

Named one of the Dictionary of Literary Biography’s top ten living post-modern writers, Neil Gaiman may be one of the most awarded and prolific writers alive.

He has received the Newbery and Carnegie Medals, and his writing has been awarded four Hugos, two Nebulas, one World Fantasy Award, and nine Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, among many other honors.

Not constrained by genre or medium, Neil’s work includes poetry, short stories, journalism, novels, graphic novels, screenplays, and books for young readers. In Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass, the author of Coraline, American Gods, Stardust, and The Sandman series teaches his approach to the art and craft of storytelling.

In his Master Class, Neil Gaiman will teach you his creative process for generating original ideas and building those ideas into stories, worlds, and characters that engage and fascinate. Using some of his most celebrated work as case studies, he’ll teach you how he crafts convincing characters and stories driven by essential truths.

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Neil teaches you:

• Worldbuilding techniques that create a sense of credibility and authenticity

• Ideas for combating writer’s block and tackling fear

• How to identify and develop the narrative voice of a story

• How he uses humor, dialogue, and rich description to bring a story to life

• How to find a story’s core elements and use them as a guide

• How he fuses ideas together to build unexpected and original concepts

• How to make dialogue distinct and memorable

• How he makes the most of unique storytelling opportunities in comics

• How he collaborates with artists for graphic novels

• His approach to writing short fiction that feels like magic