Futured Past

Salty mists drifts and flay
escalating steamy waves
to elevate lost moments echoes
amidst fulfilling secret hallowed meadows

With silken strands of cob and daub
that float on ripples of before.

As future thoughts trail apast
whilst justice treks and weighs true masks
Roads on fire crawl and sway
edging thickets of cooling days
with whipping licks of smoke and flame
and dancing trails of dense lane ways

Oddly filling deep red barks
with tasseled greens rimmed and marked

Floral fauna’s wisps and vines
and haggling whispers of the divine
bring silent roars of a harbingers woes
treat the deafening rotund echoes
with rostrums perched on pined histories
sleek and strong amidst flaming trees
now fallen to their futured pasts.

Opinion: Sulla and the Social Wars

In the case of Sulla – A patrician thrown amidst a ‘Social War (91’88 BC) (civil war)’, was also described as talented, ambitious, intellectual, a man seeking nothing more than pleasure and glory. A pleasant and courteous depiction before the War, with a resulting hard characterisation after the War.

Could it possibly be that Sulla suffered a brain injury during the war? Maybe he was suffering PTSD, shock or he learned how to survive during the social war and was unable to let go of his new found survival instincts?

I am sure ancient historians would have already thought that any one of these could be the case, and maybe someone else has already pointed this out.

It just seems that the ‘elephant’ in the room, the event which takes place between the good, helpful and happy Sulla and the murderous, distinction hunting, glory seeking Sulla, is the Social War.

Many men suffered, and suffer, undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), during, and after the first and second WW’s, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the current Wars and other Waring’s across the globe. It wasn’t spoken of for the first 2 wars, as the atrocities were so great, that the men and women who witnessed soldiers and civilians at their best, or worst, were simply too shocked to speak about it.

The Romans were a proud warrior nation, an Empire that fell. An Empire of Warriors will always eventually burn itself out;

  • psychologically,
  • financially,
  • economically.

An empire always at War, that categorised its citizenship to perform all the basic functions and necessities required to populate armies and navies, to feed not just civilians, but soldiers too. Soldiers that were scattered across the Mediterranean.

Each male sought greatness, willing to murder or maim to succeed. A family came to nothing, if they lacked nobility, whether from birth or adoption. Competition to be the greatest of all Romans, ensured that human intervention, with all its greed and lust for riches, fame and greatness, would eventually destroy itself.

Surely it was these very same humans who reached into the heart of Romes Empire and tore each vessel from its pulsating centre, spraying the blood of the ancestors, the soldiers, the commoner and the foe, across the landscape, until Rome stood no more.

Food for thought.