Hallowed Silken Tallies (Stream of Consciousness)

Rallied calls echo the valleys and hint at the coming moon, of silent hallowed silken tallies and the dawning times to soon, drape and flowing as clouds hedge home to reckon a sunset dream and all the while a shining gown of tattered lace and seam, lift the flow of airing ferns and silhouettes of in-betweens. To precipice of oblivions that all rattle the sky lined trees and the eternal momentum songs of bridge and melody, seats both you and me. The sleek and silvered feathered rainbows, adorn the morning dews, their song of calling welcomes the morning and whispers farewells to the moon.

Taffeta Woven Abodes

Horizoned spans of Autumn and clover spreading their wonder on wisped winds high.
Elevated shimmers reckon the moments and darken the bluest, cloudy skies.
Opened fans of wings and whistles shudder their messages home and gentle flows of blossomed beauty float upon taffeta woven abodes.

Casts and sways of rich brown hues echo and splay their dreams
Swirls and whispers, rotund and new drift upon the jetted streams
Who are the messaged fallowed hands that grasp in morning dew and express their will upon seasoned lands encasing their warmth about you?

Red tindered drafts of bricks and mortars reveal an ancient song, of merried hopes and belly laughter, for here they now belong.
Rattles shutters of patterned shade cover cradle the days, and leafing fruits of wild oak trees that reveal their ancient ways.

Tiered and squared the pathway winds to encompass veiled enclosures, and wildly wisps of leaf litter bits, that reveal through double exposures, an ancestry of olden times of cart and horse will travel and resound the pastings, both learned and loved, to herald a futured marvel