Time flies when you’re having fun

He pulled up at work in the old bus and Marge became very concerned. He looked like he had seen a ghost. She almost tripped running to the bus lanes where John was stowing his bus and she hugged him. She asked him what was wrong, when he responded with, ‘we need to talk.’ She began to feel ill. He told her about the harrowing incident, and about the two lovely people whom he had come to like. ‘I could have really hurt him’ he said to Marge. Then he told her that it was time for him to quit his job. His wife, no longer feeling the ill spear of dread, looked into his usually smiling eyes and saw only pain there, she hugged him again and said that she couldn’t be happier, ‘now we can start to live my dear dear man’.

John left work and started his retirement, Marge continued to work on a part time basis predominantly as the yard delegate. In the evenings she would work on briefings, reports and statements for the Work Place Relations tribunals. However, for a large part of each day, and for every weekend and holiday, they began to explore life together.

They went on camping trips, fishing trips and they even took on a 5 kilometre push bike ride around the river and lakes of Stanton point, just west of the foreshore. Some weekends they would treat themselves to a lovely hotel room down by the ocean, with room service and a in room Spa. John and Marge learned all about each other once again, with the weekends and holidays increasingly ending way too soon, but hey said John, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

The Sly of Night

His black eyes haunt me. The texture and form of his white body fits with my own and yet we are breeds apart. I hear his call each day amongst a growing throng, attempting to lure me into his arms, but I resist. He urgently pulls at the soft white pillows and burgundy summer blanket and temptingly from the darkness I feel his eyes ever watchful over my every step, my every breath. I make a wide birth each time I pass his abode, knowing that I am helpless to his charms. I think to myself, ‘is he alone tonight, or has he invited his friends for a sleep over with the promise of my warm embrace just for one night?’

I am weak, I see the outline of his form etched into the confines of his bed and I fall. He calls to me, ‘come to bed.. come to bed..’ in a gruff and adorable voice, so I peek into the bedroom and see that his friends have come to share with us, our night of guilty forbidden love. Hurriedly I check the house, I lock all of the doors so that we can not be interrupted. As I walk into the bedroom, all eyes are upon me and yet I feel no self consciousness because this is how love should be. I untie the light blue ribbon from my robe and as it releases, it falls to the floor. I do not move to pick it up, nor do I care that it may be walked on during the night for the excitement is brimming inside me at the thought of what was about to happen. He slyly nestles into the crook of my arm, I feel the soft touch of one of his friends as he pulls himself on top of me and a low growl from the other as he positions himself up against my warm body.

Finally we settle and the wonder of night, with it’s moonlit rays and starfire skies illuminate our forms, when suddenly, Sly begins to argue with Shags, Shags tries to take on Burgundy and the lovely calmness of our night implodes as they begin to cause a ruckus beneath the blankets. I climb out of bed, pick up my robe and redress whilst they fight amongst themselves. I thunder at them, ‘If you do not settle down, you can all sleep on top of the wardrobe!’ There is silence! I switch on the light and there, calmly nestled together are my three loves.