My Kick Starter began today

The Alternatives ( update. The Alternatives has grown. I have just completed a full draft of chapter 12 and I have the outlines for 4 more chapters. It is such an exciting adventure and I think that I have captured the girls thoughts, feelings and interactions with each other and other ‘Naturals’ perfectly. 

I have a Pozible crowd sourcing campaign running until Dec 21st. If I don’t get enough backers, I don’t get anything. If you would like a chance at inclusion in the book, or maybe a free signed paper back copy sent to you from me, or another chance at inclusion. You can stop by Pozibles and help me to bring you the best story you deserve to experience.




I know I have been very quiet over the past two months but I have been very busy working a new project, here it is

Please visit the website for the full experience to understand some of the cultural references made throughout. I have been creating a digital story. It is available for you to participate in at where I have been world creating and it has been leading to one specific incident that has been revealed above.

It is something completely new for me… a piece of performance art that breaks many taboos and boundaries set in creative writing rules. Jerry’s Journal can be found here: Jerry’s Journal Don’t forget to stop by Jerrymanders and take a wander around my creation to prepare for the ‘Incident.’

Why not take a look around Jerry’s world.

This is the Website for The Alternatives.

The series website is The Fields of Elysian:

Remember when you read The Alternatives to watch out for the WTF moments and keep them locked away in your memory for when the first actual book in the series is released next year sometime. The Alternatives is an introduction book to the world, and creatures, I am creating for The Fields of Elysian.

When I get time, the Gothic Guild will be reconstituted in some form. I am not sure as what yet:

My sometimes, almost every other week, daily journal can be found here