Josephine Marlin

When Josephine Marlin woke in a pitch black windowless room, she had no idea that she was in the fight of her life.

Her friends fight at her side against the persistent darkness. So why is she betrayed?

The world she once knew, the friends she thought she knew, transform around her and are essential for her survival. This group of friends have become soldiers, The Alternatives.

They are the protectors of humanities only hope and leaders of men in the coming War.

Do they win the skirmishes of the night and make it to the hospital in time to save Pony? Or is all hope lost, snatched from The Alternatives grasp?

Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives is the first book in a series of novels. It’s target audience is females between the ages of 15-25. It is an Urban, fantasy adventure, romance story about 2o something Josephine Marlin and her ‘natural’ friends. Josephine, or Jo, is a young woman who should be quite out of her depth for the adventure to come, but she is not alone on this crazy ride. Her friends are just plain… Natural!

The story is about the depths to the bonds of their friendship.

Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives. War, betrayal and love awaits Josephine Marlin

It’s here, Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives.

A group of Aussie Sheila’s went on a girls night out. A group of young men, who turn out to be Ghouls, are invited to join their group for laughs and drinks. Josephine had a few too many, and before anyone knew what was happening, she was hooking one ghoul, Horse, up with one of her friends, Pony… But! Before she’d allowed him to even talk with her, Josephine insisted, after Horse’s mates insisted, that he show them why his mates call him Horse… well, one drink led to another and before they knew it, the Fire Fly Club was witness to Horse dropping his dacks!

Not an unusual event at the club, but unusual Josephine was party to an act of indecent exposure. Not only was she laughing her arse off with everyone else, but she was instrumental in the lewd behaviour…

Anyway, to cut a long story short, everyone was laughing so much, Josephine finally lets Horse talk with Pony, and they left the club together around midnight. Josephine left around 1-am to catch a flight to Melbourne at 2-am, and the Katsaros sisters, Ann and Deb, never slept that night. They got home around 3.30-am and decided to wait up until they saw their parent’s lights come on, next door to them. They sat around laughing about the night’s events for a little while, then Deb went next door around 4-am to give her Ma some milk, but when she got back, Ann was gone.

That was Saturday night… skip forward six days… Deb still can’t find Ann; she hasn’t seen Pony, Kaz nor Josephine at work all week and Jo was supposed to fly home Wednesday…

There is a running email serial about the events beginning two weeks before the story: 

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