The Alternatives

When Josephine Marlin woke in a pitch black windowless room, she had no idea that she was in the fight of her life.

Her friends fight at her side against the persistent darkness. So why is she betrayed?

The world she once knew, the friends she thought she knew, transform around her and are essential for her survival. This group of friends have become soldiers, The Alternatives.

They are the protectors of humanities only hope and leaders of men in the coming War.

Do they win the skirmishes of the night and make it to the hospital in time to save Pony? Or is all hope lost, snatched from The Alternatives grasp?

Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives. War, betrayal and love awaits Josephine Marlin.

Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives (a complete draft of chapter 1 is available to read here) is the first book in a series of novels. It’s target audience is females between the ages of 15-25. It is an Urban, fantasy adventure, romance story about 24 year old Josephine Marlin and her ‘Natural’ friends. Josephine, or Jo, is a young woman who should be quite out of her depth for the adventure to come, but she is not alone on this crazy ride. Her friends are just plain… Natural!

The story is about the depths to the bonds of their friendship.

Rarely seen section of Chapter 2 for you,  The Slice n Dice room.

With Pony relying on us to help her, I looked at my friends chained together sitting in, well what I would’ve actually preferred to think as being piss, and saw an angry Kaz with her back pushed up against a dirty white tiled wall pulling at her chains. I began looking around the room. There was an old hospital gurney over in one corner. Its plastic coated padding was torn and rotted, exposing the dissolving old foam it once encased.

The covering was almost dripping from beneath the gurney, eaten away by time. Every wall was lined with the same old white ceramic tile, with the black lace mould growing from its grout. One wall though, had twenty small doors in it. It was four doors high and five doors wide. Each door had a silver toned pull handle on it, like a fridge and I knew what they were without needing to think about it. Another wall had an old white cupboard and shelving hanging from it.

There were some stainless steel cutting tools still lying on the counter tops hugged by years of dust. An old chrome trolley, was leant up against the cupboard and looked as if it’d fallen apart in place, a long time ago. Hanging from one of the draw handles was a trolley shelf. Lower down on the same cupboard, was another piece of the trolley. It looked like it was wedged into the old wood.

On the dirty floor were the last remains of the trolley. Its base lay against the floor tiles where it finally gave up the ghost and spilled its contents across the floor as it crumbled. Continuing to look around at our surroundings, I noticed Kaz was still trying to use the wall as some sort of crow bar while she remained intent on breaking those chains. Ann was lying on the floor and it looked like she was trying to reach the door.

There was rotting linen and a few old steel surgical tools spread out across the floor. But they were nearer the opposite wall than to us. That’s when I figured out that Ann wasn’t trying to reach the door, she was laying face down in Horse juices stretching out to try and grab something to help with the removal of the chains. I heard Ann say, ‘Fuck it!’ and as I looked over, I saw that she was sitting back up against the wall with little Horse juice teardrops dripping from her chin…

 A complete draft Chapter one can read in full at The Alternatives website. 

I like to make people laugh. The Internet allows me to entertain you without all that bothersome stage fright. I love to draw the reader, watcher, interactor, into the adventures with the me… and the girls… I have found myself drawn in to their adventures too.

I don’t want to just write books. I want to write good stories.

Without your help, The Alternatives will be less than it is. I am passionate about my writing, about this story.  I have watched Josephine Marlin bloom into so much more than she first appeared, when I wrote the outline for the novel not too long ago. With your help, a dream can become a reality.

I don’t have a large family or friend base for financial support, and I know that for you, I appear to be new to writing. I’m not.

I have two books available at the moment that I self published that you can view through my Amazon authors page.