The Alternatives

I have just released a pre-view of Chapter 1 of The Alternatives.

Chapter 1 – The Bonds of Friendship

Hi, my name’s Josephine Marlin. Yeah I know it’s the name of a fish but we all have our crosses to bear. Anyway, I am twenty four years old, and this is the story of how I came to be friends with some of the coolest and deadliest chicks this world will ever see.

This is what happened to me last week, when I found out that my friends were not who I thought they were.

So, I’m a beautiful sophisticate with long shapely legs and long, straight brunette hair that only accentuates the deep brown of my almond eyes and the luscious red of my full kissable lips. That’s right, I’m drop dead gorgeous. I live in a swanky apartment just ten blocks short of the Prime Minister’s house, and a few streets away from my best friends. So you can imagine that it was upscale living for me all the way. I’d arrived home, tired, though utterly beautiful and freshly pressed as a successful independent woman of the world would be, then it all kinda goes blank for a while. I started thinking about me mates, all seven of them, because they are my best friends in the whole world. We played together all through primary school. We dated together all through high school and now, we all work at daddy’s fortune 500 company together. So you can imagine my surprise, to find myself chained to Ann and Kaz, while we wallowed in Horse juices.

Sounds kinky doesn’t it?

It’s so much weirder than it sounds and it all started with Pony.

Let me enlighten you about the bonds of friendship and how it remains, even after death.

I woke up in a strange dark room. I could feel a cold wall up along my back. I ran my hands up along it and felt the smooth ceramic of tiles, with grouted sections about every four inches. While I was checking out the wall, the cold wet of the floor was soaking into my brand new Jeans I had bought just for Jeans for Gene’s day at work. I ran my hand down to try and touch the floor, but the smell of piss wafted up into my nasal passages and made me dry retch.

My hand stopped all by itself and as I was retching I heard a sobbing noise.

‘What was that?’ I whispered into the darkness.

‘Where am I?’ I asked, hoping for a response, from, well anyone at this point, ‘And why is it so dark in here? Better question, why the hell does my face feel like someone has dipped it in acid?’

‘Shush… She’ll hear you,’ said a voice from the void. It sounded familiar.

Not wanting to show fear, I called out, ‘What the hell is going on and who are you?’

I was trying to remember what happened. ‘I’d arrived home from work, oh that’s right it looked like someone had broken into my flat. Nah, it just looked that way,’ I laughed to myself.

‘What? It’s my private joke, with me, anyway back to how the hell I ended up here. Someone came to my door, who was it? Toni? Joanie? That’s right, it was Pony.’ Who would name their kid Pony deliberately? I mean, really? I call her Saddle Soar, old SS for short. It never goes down as well as it does in my head.

‘Anyway, ‘Old SS came round and what did she want? Goo? Roo? Loo…? You, oh me, she wanted me,’ I praised myself for remembering. I always praise myself, daddy said, “If you can’t praise yourself Josephine, no-one else is going to.”’

I don’t really remember anything after I let her inside.

The sounds and smells of my dark prison were marching up into my nose, across to my ears, while it still played with the tonsils I had removed as a child. I couldn’t take it any longer and yelled, ‘God! Is that piss I can smell? Where the fuck is the light switch? And who the hell is crying?’

‘Shush…’ came that same familiar voice from the darkness, and I just had to ask, ‘Who keeps shushing me?’

‘It’s me Jo, Ann, shut up before she comes back.’….

Stop over at and to read more, a fresh draft has been made this morning. Leave a comment or stop by my facebook page and tell me what you think.. or not… be nice, I’m fragile 😉

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