Hello all,

I know I’ve been quiet for sometime, but I have been busy.

I released the first book of Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives and I am currently writing a free ebook for those who have purchased the book, call Josephine Marlin: Origins and sign up to my newsletter.

Also, I am currently in my third term of my Masters and it is about writing true, true stories.

Some content will not be made available on the website because I intend to write a book title: Fruit of the Tress, for my thesis next year. It is a book on domestic abuse, because there are many way’s to abuse someone without actually touching them.

Content may be light on, I am unsure. I’m in my week off and writing the free ebook, then after this term I get a month off before ,y forth term, Poetry, then I will be completing part 2…  & 3 hopefully, of the first Josephine Marlin and The Alternatives book.

Jerrymanders is undergoing judging at the moment with the Madeira Interactive Film festival judges, so we’ll see what happens. It’s just exciting to be a part of it.

Josephine Marlin has her own website and twitter account @Real_Jo_Marlin – content is light on, but the girls sometimes get in and have a chat with her. If you’ve read the book, then the content of the website is funny, if you haven’t read the book, the contents a little bit of WTF?

I’ll chat with you later,

Kindest regards

Karen 🙂

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