I know I’ve been quiet, but I have been vigorously writing to keep my promise of a complete draft of chapters 1 & 2 of The Alternatives.

You can read more about it below.

Chapter 1 – Pony  is NOW live. As to is chapter 2 – The Slice n Dice Room.

I am also in my second term of my Masters and have undertaken an interactive digital psychological crime thriller story for my artefact. This involves me maintaining a multi-site blog, writing 2 – 3 newspaper articles a day for the Reachville Community News Online, 2 podcast scripts daily for both Jazzman (Jerry) and Toddlystew along with my studies and creative exercises within the course itself.

Along with the interactive website, I am also composing a story artefact, with experimental techniques throughout, with some hyper-links taking the reader to the website for a fuller experience of the story.

You can read my pitch by clicking this link.

Why not take a look around Jerry’s world.

Until then, you can, if you would like, follow Jazz Man’s podcast’s, that for the next 3 months as they will be telling an overarching story themselves.

The Jazzman is at a point where the story I am writing for my Masters takes over. he is not making podcasts at the moment. Let’s just say he’s taken a trip back to the hospital for a warm bed and hot food for a few week. Once I have that completed, it will become live in around 5 weeks. A few more Reachville articles will be composed during this time as I reach sections of my story that they will add **cough** body… to.

There are another two characters who failed to acquire the skills to create any podcasts about their … activities… so sent sms’ instead. Toddlystew

So please be patient with me while I put all these writing projects together. Content to my official website will not be as proficient as it was during my last term, but I think Jerry will be worth the wait.

In the mean time, why not subscribe to Jazzman on YouTube and follow his story?


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