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Today on Kaz Radio, I talk about the importance of not only a great Blurb for your book, but also few other things that you might not even consider going into your editing.

Josephine Marlin & The Alternatives is coming out this Christmas.

The new book cover hasn’t arrived yet, but as soon as it does, I will reveal it to the world ha ha ha lol.

In all seriousness, when I am satisfied with the new book cover for The Alternatives, I will make it available for my Kickstarter ,

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Patreon site where it will remain a mystery for all others for a week.

I do hope you are enjoying my pre-publishing break down on my final run to the books release.

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Who is King Pybba Pavitral?

King Pavitral is ruler to one of many suites watching over Josephine  and although he has seen Del before the night of the battle, that night  he truly sees her soul.

In his human form he is known as Mark.

So  drawn to Delequin is the young King, that in making the pact with  Delequin to not be anywhere near her as she gains control of her new  normal, has been the hardest thing he has had to proclaim in his very  recent, and sad rise to the throne.

Pavitral’s father passed  just last week and he is still coming to terms with his loss and the  enormity of the new powers he has been given. If not for the strength of  Delequin’s pull, his nights and days would be filled with the grief he  is still coming to grips with.

His thoughts of Del, and the  comfort he imagines to be encased within the beauty of her inner shine,  has him wondering if he will survive the madness of his decision.

He  comforts himself with the knowledge that in making his decision to stay  away, has most certainly lengthened his life because until Del becomes,  she is a danger to every creature, human or suite.

‘I just  hope that Josephine and her friends are caring for her during this  time,’ he thinks to himself, ‘Mel should know what to do and I have seen  how fiercely protective they are of each other. No, my sweet Delequin  will be safe, as to will every living thing within a hundred mile radius  of her pull.’

What could he be talking about?

Discovery and Pantser

Discovery and Pantsers writer’s.

This a quick video where I talk about the differences between a Pantser and Discovery writer.
I am what is called a discovery writer. I’m not a pantser, pantser is term used to imply that someone is doing something and only achieving it by the seat of their pants.

A discovery writer can sit in front of a blank word document and write.

That is what I am. When I write, I can see around the corners ahead and due to the excitement of the discovery, I find that I have written some pretty good stuff that I am able to build on.

That first discovery document become what Plotters would refer to as Plotting. However, even on my second run through, filling out description, giving dialogue attribution etc, I am still on an adventure discovering with each word where the story is going.

Picture a skeleton. In my head the skeleton always resides. My first discovery trip begins to add sinew, flowing veins and a pumping heart. My next discovery adventure begins to add flesh, nails, hair and so on. Each discovery is an adventure that only finishes where it finishes, not before and not after.

Who is Del Sirenia?

Del Sirenia has short dark, wavy hair and legs that go on for days. Her dark eyes have a shine to them that sometimes catches in the light, be it moon or sun, and blinds Jo for a few seconds every now and again.

Again, no-one but Jo seems to notice.

Del has another form, but until the skirmishes of this night, she is unaware of it, and it will take some time for her to take back control of her life, of herself.

It’s scary love at first sight story for King Pavitral, who tells Del that he will wait for her, and will not allow himself in her company until she has mastered control over her powers. He could, but will not take advantage of her in her current state.

The King pulls together his forces to fight by his side in the great battle, for the good of humanity and for love.

The great battle becomes the great equaliser.

Who is Mel Karchovc?

Mel Karchovc is a beautiful individual. Her beauty comes from within. She’s very pretty, but add that inner shine, and she outshines all her friends every time. This doesn’t bother her friends, they are all very confident, happy young women… except for Kaz that is.

Though Mel has a secret.

She’s known about her heritage from a very young age, because she had to be trained to control her secret. She, like Ann and Deb, was born into a very special family.

Mel has two forms:

Her normal flaming Aurban hair and hazel eyes, with their long luxurious lashes and her full, shapely lips. Jo swears she has red flecks in those almost green hazel eyes of hers. But no-one else seems to see them.

Then Mel’s other form, well hidden from most of the girls, transforms her into the most beautiful woman you could ever hope to see in your life. Her hair transforms into a shining white. It becomes extremely long and she has to wrap it around her waist so she doesn’t fall over it. Those red specks that Jo sees, become more prominent, pushing the green of her hazel to the background.

Humans need to be dis-enamoured when Mel transforms, otherwise they literally fall over themselves from her “moon and stars shining in their eyes” blubbering compliments and actions towards her.

It’s an interesting scene when Jo finally meets Mel’s true self.

Mel is also a vital warrior in the great battle to come.

Who is Sue Darlkon?

Sue Darlkon also lives a double life. She’s a little plump compared to her friends, but that in no way means she is fat. She is just perfect.

Sue has an inner shine, but her transformation into her other self, is not the same as it is for Mel.

Sue has long mousey coloured hair that she highlights with blonde tints that brings out the green in her pretty large eyes. She too has known about her abilities since before she could talk. She was born into her other self just as much as she was born into her human form.

When Sue transforms, her eyes become brown and big. Her hair shortens and turns into a deep brown. Her nails lengthen, but they are useful for the great battle she and the girls are about to fight.

Sue has a boyfriend named Colin and WOW are they hot together, Josephine thought about a cold shower, for many reasons, but especially when she saw the way Colin kissed Sue goodbye.

Part of Jo wanted to look away, but the other part still searching for love told her to, ‘Fuck off, I’m livin vicariously through… Them!’

Sue and Colin are the same, but different and they are great warriors who fight at Josephine’s side in the great battles to come.

Who is Kaz Silverton?

Kaz Silverton is the angriest person Jo has ever met, but she’s her friend.

Kaz doesn’t go in for all that grooming nonsense. She has untamed frizzy black hair that she rubs oils through. The girls aren’t even sure if she uses shampoo and conditioner at all. She never gets her hair, nails and teeth done, nor does she like to shop.

This distresses her friends to the point of them physically assisting her with her clothes shopping because although Kaz accompanies the girls everywhere they go, she never really participates.

For Jo, Kaz is hilarious to have around. ‘If we’re looking for a snide remark or an angry outburst, we just look to Kaz. She comes through every time. Just last week she walked past Mike the office boy and said, ‘Go fuck yourself,’ just for offering her, her mail.’

Most of the girls love her, even though she’s a prickly bitch. It’s part of why they love her.

Del however, can’t really stand Kaz. There’s just something about her that doesn’t sit right in the pit of her stomach. The last time she saw Kaz, she asked her to accompany her on a double date.

Del complained to Sue, ‘I don’t even really like Kaz. I’m not sure if I’ll go… No, Maybe I will. I’ll show up without a date and be a real third wheel. She might never ask me again. What’da ya reckon Sue?’

Sue just listened and laughed and went along for the show. It was worth it.