Just Wait!

Just watching and listening patiently waiting for it to end, I hear the constant tap of his attractively covered wooden shoed foot, tap tap tapping on the sidelines impatient for his two minutes of fame. ‘Stop it,’ I complain looking back to the screen, watching, listening intently, when suddenly the tapping became louder and had gained a certain echo. Looking to my left, I notice another waiting, tapping, complaining, ‘Is it my turn yet? Do I get to go before him, or does he get to go before me?’

‘Hush,’ my mind thinks, ‘You’ll both get your turn. Do you think that you are the only two that I must send my attention to today? Or even this week? No, there are many waiting in the wings for their moment in my sunlight. Now be quiet while I finish watching and listening, because you are both peaking my interest, and I do want to pull you into my field of vision, but like me, you must wait in the same order as you have been mentioned,  I will read you next.’

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